HardoLass also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact.

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Research & Development

In order to dramatically accelerate the speed of HardoLass R&D, in addition to our own research and development, we also conduct industry-university collaboration with metropolitan public research facilities, universities, technical colleges, and research facilities.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

[Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute]

The company is a tenant of the Product Development Support Laboratory of the (Local Independent Administrative Agency) Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, where it engages in research and development while utilizing technical consultation and equipment usage services, etc.

Waseda University

[Waseda University]

From July 1, 2019, we have started a joint research project "Development of Glass Coating Agents" with the laboratory of Professor Atsushi Shimojima, Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Advanced Science and Engineering.

Tohoku University
Photo courtesy of Tohoku University

Fluid Science Research Laboratory
Fluid Science Research Laboratory

[Tohoku University]

We have started a joint research project "Analysis of the Effect of Surface Roughness on Flow by Material Coating" with Obayashi and Yakeno Research Laboratory. We are also considering conducting demonstration tests using an actual aircraft.

Kyushu Institute of Technology

[Kyushu Institute of Technology]

We have started a joint research project "Investigation of Suitable Experimental Methods for Data Acquisition Related to the Improvement of Drone Functions by Nanomaterial Coating Agents" with Hiraki Laboratory.

Tokyo University of Science

[Tokyo University of Science]

We have started a "Joint Research Project on Solar Panels" with Ueda Research Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering.

Kyoto Prefectual University ofMedicine

[Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine]

Graduate School of Medicine Gastroenterrology/Infectious Disease Dept.,Hirose Lab.
New evaluation method of antibacterial and antiviral activity on nanomaterial coatings:development of HardoLass coating.

*The above listing is in the order of the start of R&D interaction.