The Company is in Japan,but the field is global.

HardoLass Holdings expandsaround the world because it "surpasses common sense".

Company Values

Our Philosophy

Fostering a Culture of Gratitude, With People at Heart.
We aspire to be the first port of call for everyone, cultivating a safe and trusted environment where respect and affection are reciprocated through our people-first approach to management.

Our Mission

We are committed to continuously introducing unprecedented value by 'rewriting common sense.' Through our relentless research, development, and services, we maintain a keen awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring we always meet the evolving needs of our customers and society.

Our Vision

HardoLass has successfully grown its global base of 'Royal Customers,' contributing significantly across all industrial sectors. From preventing viral infections to promoting decarbonization, we are committed to making a positive impact worldwide.