The one and only. HardoLass produces unparalleled quality.

Thin film control at the nano-level that "surpasses common sense".

Anti-stain / Anti-scratch   
Dr.HardoLass Series


Antiviral and antibacterial ingredients integrated into the coating film inhibit the growth of adherent viruses, bacteria, and mold*.  *PREMIUM only

Dr.HardoLass for Smart Phone

for Smart Phone

Antiviral and antibacterial for safety and security, Prevents stains and scratches and contributes to smooth operability.

Dr.HardoLass for Home

for Home

Inhibits adherent viruses from the outside on door chime buttons which unspecified number of people touches.

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  • Dr.HardoLass PREMIUM


  • Dr.HardoLass EX

    Dr.HardoLass EX

<Adhered virus>
[Test Organization]General Incorporated Foundation Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center, Kobe Testing Center [Test Method] Acrylic plates were inoculated with a suspension of the test virus and left at 25 degrees Celsius for 24 hours at 90%RH or higher, and then the virus infection titer was measured.
[Inhibition Method]Dr. HardoLass EX coating [Subject] Inoculated virus [Test Result] Inhibition of 99% or more after 24 hours after leaving alone. Test report issued: March 31, 2021 (Test was conducted using only one type of virus) (20KB070468)
<Adhered bacteria>
[Test Organization]General Incorporated Foundation Boken Quality Evaluation Institute, Osaka Functional Test Center [Test Method]Acrylic plates were inoculated with the test bacteria and performed light resistance treatment, then left at 23 degrees Celsius for 24 hours at 38% humidity, and then measurement was taken.
[Inhibition Method]Dr. HardoLass EX coating
[Subject]Inoculated bacteria [Test Result]Inhibition of 99% or more after 24 hours after leaving alone. Test report issued on: December 16, 2019 (Test was conducted with two types of bacteria.) (JNLA2019K0257)