We Value People Above All and Attract Only the Best to our Team.

Embracing a 'Beyond Convention' Mindset, We Prize Real-World Experience Over Academic Achievements.

Board Member

President and Representative Director  山本 英明

President and Representative Director

Hideaki Yamamoto

Executive Director  池田 正範

Executive Director

Masanori Ikeda

Director and CFO  安藤 務

Director and CFO

Tsutomu Ando

CSO  下山 随


Michi Shimoyama

Outside Director  Attorney at Law  沼井 英明

Outside Director Attorney at Law

Hideaki Numai

Outside Director  椎名 茂

Outside Director

Shigeru Shiina

Outside Corporate Auditor  松尾 基司

Outside Corporate Auditor

Motoji Matsuo

Director of Operations  石田 健二

Director of Operations

Kenji Ishida

R&D Member

General Manager, R&D Dept.  内藤 孝

General Manager, R&D Dept.

Takashi Naito

Director, R&D Dept.  岡村 克也

Director, R&D Dept.

Katsuya Okamura

Researcher, R&D Dept.  日置 尚悟

Researcher, R&D Dept.

Shogo Hioki

Technical Advisor  大石 知司

Technical Advisor

Tomoji Oishi