We are a glass coating agent manufacturing company

We started off as a home renovating company back in 1998 in Chiba Prefecture. Now, we have an office/laboratory inside of TIRI (Tokyo), and our own factory in Matsuhidai (Chiba).

Our strongest points

Our Leaders

Hideaki Yamamoto

  • After experiencing corporate sales in DDI Corporation(current KDDI), he became the chairman of the promotion division of the major house manufacture. He achieved annual sales of 1.2B yen and was awarded as a top salesperson in the company.
  • He then established a home renovation company when he was 26.
  • As a home renovation company, the rust, and mold around sinks and exterior walls were the major issues. The study and countermeasures against the issues later lead to the invention of the glass coating agent HardoLass.

Managing Director
Masanori Ikeda

  • Before joining Yamamoto-Tosou CO., Ltd., later Yamamoto Holdings in 2002, he worked in sales in the finance and service industry after graduating from university.
  • From the beginning he contributed a lot in starting the glass coating division and subsidiary company. Now, he takes part in administration, sales and, sales promotion of various fields.
  • He engages in incorporate activities based on his idea of “Glass coating that is useful for the Society.”

Senior Researcher
Ph.D. Genki Odahara

  • He finished his Ph.D. in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering at Waseda University.
  • Prior to joining HardoLass as a leading researcher of R&D, some of the years he worked as a research assistant at Waseda University, then experienced a researcher role at National Research Institute and a role in the development division of the private company.
  • He specializes in a 2D thin layer such as Graphene, etc. His goal is to produce innovative results by utilizing the unique property of the thin glass membrane, HardoLass.

Senior Director
Pharmacist Yoji Kishi

  • Graduated from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Tohoku University, and has a license for pharmacist.
  • He has 5 years of MR experience in large medical equipment and 5 years of marketing and PR experience in Johnson & Johnson Group.
  • Later, he established multiple companies; President of 4th Place, inc, CEO of medical consulting Shin Nihon Medical Corporation limited company(Hong Kong), Interlocution General Trading Co., Ltd (UAE) CEO trading, Vice President of 5Hz medical products limited company (China) infection preventive product maker. He had a dual role in and outside Japan.
  • He was the director of KINTARO Cells Power Co., The company expanded its regenerative medicine business to Southeast Asia as stem cell company.

Overseas Contacts