HardoLass Disinfection Service

We do not provide an ordinary disinfection service.
After disinfecting the area that lasts up to 30 days, we use our very own antiviral and antibacterial coating agent Dr.HardoLass that lasts up to 5 years onto places where people touch often, to prevent fomite transmission. 

The process

1. Disinfect the area

We use our disinfectant spray made of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect the area.

2. Apply the coating agent

We then apply our glass coating agent with anti-viral/bacterial effects on surfaces where people tuch often.

1. The effects of the disinfectant spray

Our disinfectant spray is made of sodium hypochlorite blended with anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. Sodium Hypochlorite is authorized by Ministry of Health (Japan). ““Sodium hypochlorite”, which is the main component of commercially available chlorine bleach, is effective for tables and doorknobs. It destroys and detoxifies COVID19 by the oxidizing action of “hypochlorous acid”. ” (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, June 26th 2020, https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/syoudoku_00001.html)

What does it work on? Viruses/Bacteria: Influenza virus, feline calicivirus, O-157, norovirus, salmonella enterica, e. coli, etc. Smell: Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, trimethylamine, acetaldehyde, etc.

2. Long lasting glass membrane

The glass membrane formed by HardoLass remained after the accelerated weathering test which was equivalent to more than 5 years. The accelerated weathering test is used to measure future possibilities of materials’ durability under certain environmental conditions, such as being exposed to ultraviolet rays, being hit by rain, etc.

3. The powerfulness of the glass membrane

① We prepared 3 samples,
1. Blank stainless steel door knob
2. Stainless steel door knob coated with Dr.HardoLass
3. Stainless steel door knob coated with Dr.HardoLass scratched 20k times with a load of 2.5kg
After putting all samples into an Infrared Spectroscopy (IRS), it showed that the peak of glass remained even after being scratched 20k times with a load of 2.5kg.


Spadium Japon

Spadium Japon is the biggest hot spring facility in the Kanto Area. They chose our service, and we disinfected the whole facility including their shuttle buses.

Shonan Monorail

We disinfected all 21 train carriages and coated all of the handrails, straps, and other places where people touch often.